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Grubby Candle - Large Pillar

Large Pillar Grubby Candle ... $24.95 each
Lumpy, Bumpy, Lg. Grubby Candle is more than 2 times bigger than Med. Pillar.
(4.5"w x 5.5"h)

(Shown in: Hot Fudge Brownie)

*CANDLE BURNING TIP:  To get the most out of your Grubby Candles, burn them AT LEAST one hour for each inch in diameter. This is very important, especially the first time you light them! Following this simple step will help prevent them from "tunneling" down the center and will provide you with the maximum scent throw.

Medium Grubby Candle - Best Selling Size!

Medium Pillar Grubby Candle ... $13.95 each
My BEST selling size Grubby Candle (3.5"w x 4.5"h)


(Shown in: Carrot Cake, Apple Spice, Black Cherry , Campfire Smores and Snickerdoodle.)


Baby Cake, Mini Grubby Candle

"Baby Cake" Mini Grubby Candle ...$5.95
These chubby little grubby candles are the mini version of my lumpy pillar candles. 
(2"w x 3"h)




Grubby Candles

Extra Large Grubby Candles ...
3.5"w x 7"h, with a single wick $25.00
4.5"w x 7"h, with a single wick $35.00

(Shown in: Butter Rum & Vanilla and Pumpkin Cheesecake)

Extra Large Grubby Hearth Candle with 3 wicks

Extra Large Grubby Candle ...with 3 wicks
6.5"w x 7"h, with 3 wicks $50.00

(Shown in Toasted Hazelnut)


Grubby Tapers joined at the wick

Grubby Taper Candles ...set of 2 tapers joined at wick
Comes tied with homespun, looks cute hung on a peg rack, etc.
6" long x approx. 3/4" diam. $8.95



Large Grubby Star Cake Candle

Lg. Grubby Star Cake Candle ... $25.00
Comes tied with homespun.
(4"h x 6"w)

(Shown in Blueberry Muffin)


Grubby Star Pillar Candle

Grubby Star Candle ... $18.00
omes tied with homespun. (6.5"h x 3.5"w)

(Shown in Pumpkin Spice)


Large Grubby Heart Cake Candle

Lg. Grubby Heart Cake Candle ... $25.00
Comes tied with homespun
. 3 wick candle.  (3.5"h x 6"w)

(Shown in Butter Rum & Vanilla)


Grubby Heart Candle

Grubby Heart Candle ... $18.00
omes tied with homespun.  (4"h x 4"w)

(Shown in Carrot Cake)


Grubby Loaf Candle

Grubby Loaf Candle ... $16.00
Comes tied with homespun. 2 wick candle. 
(6" l x 3.5" h x 3" w)

(Shown in Banana Nut Bread)


Large Grubby Loaf/Mantle Candle

Lg. Grubby Loaf Candle ... $40.00
Comes tied with homespun.  (12" l x 4" w x 3"h)

(Shown in Carrot Cake)


Grubby Cupcake Candle

Grubby Cupcake  ... $7.00 each
(2.5"h x 3"w)

  (Shown in Birthday Cake)


Grubby Bundt Cake

Grubby Bundt Cake  ... $14.00 each
(2.5"h x 5.5"w)

(Shown in Gingerbread)


Primitive Grubby Candles, etc. 

Grubby pillars, hearts, stars, loaves, cupcakes, bundt-cakes and tapers. Highly-scented, grungy, grubby & prim.

SCENT KEY: Look for symbols ... @, #, %, Some Scents are available with a Seasonal Scent Name OR Non Seasonal Scent Name (SAME scent, just your choice of NAME so they can be enjoyed year-round.)

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